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Through our unique tuition-free higher education model, we have removed most of the costs for students to attend CITA-UK. However, we still have some fees to help us keep our administration running, to take care of all the processing work, and provide excellent services to our students. 
What are the fees?

Application Fee:  We ask all applicants for a one-time, non-refundable application fee of US$100. 
Exemption or Course Assessment Fees: US$200 per Level
Examination Fee: US$100 per module

Methods of Payment: 
Payments can be made through Western Union, Western Union Global Pay, Paypal, Cashier’s Checks and Payment via MoneyGram. PayPal payments can be with your personal PayPal account or by using major credit card or debit card – VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. For more information on how payments can be made, click here.


CITA-UK requires all payments be submitted in US Dollars. CITA-UK offers payment through Western Union Agent Location (Quick Pay) and Western Union Wire Transfer (Global Pay), Paypal, Cashier’s Checks and Payment via MoneyGram. PayPal: PayPal allows you to initiate payment through the Internet (and also provides the ability to pay...
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If you are unable to make payment via PayPal or Western Union, you may submit payment for the Application Processing Fee with a Cashier’s Check, which is a check issued by a bank:

1. Cashier’s Checks must be issued in US dollars.
2. Cashier’s Checks must be payable to...
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Tax Accounting Tuition
For Professional Accountants & Accounting Students.


Campus Based
& Online Tax Accounting Exam.


Membership for
Tax Accounting Global Network.
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Phone: +443302231184 for
              (US, Canada, Europe and Asia)
Phone: +233 302818409 for
             (Africa Regional Office)


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